About this course

This highly practical workshop uses a proven proofreading process to raise accuracy and readability to new heights. You will learn the key proofreading skills necessary to consistently remove errors and improve writing quality. Working in small groups, you will take part in a variety of accuracy-based exercises, which will build your confidence and effectiveness in proofreading.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to improve the accuracy of their and others’ written communication.


  • Improve the speed of your proofreading 
  • Be able to improve your and others’ writing 
  • Project a more professional image

Learning Objectives 

  • Proof-read systematically 
  • Find and correct common errors 
  • Improve your written accuracy

Course Outline


  • Proofreading vs editing 
  • Recognising importance of proofreading

Understanding reading 

  • Understanding how and why we read 
  • Noticing word shapes 
  • Reading and expectations

Phase 1: Style 

  • Proofreading techniques 
  • Determining layout

Phase 2: Grammar 

  • Correcting tenses, nouns and articles

Phase 3: Typing 

  • Using punctuation 
  • Checking spelling 
  • Spotting typos

Phase 4: English usage 

  • Removing ambiguity 
  • Improving consistency 
  • Ensuring factual accuracy