Children joining Sport for All event

Sports For All was designed in collaboration with the Youth Sport Trust, UK and implemented by the British Council, Malaysia to provide children with special needs equal access to sports and high-quality physical education (PE). Through the provision of inclusive PE, sports and play opportunities, children with disabilities have a greater chance of participating in activities that will not only help them develop life and leadership skills, but can also lead to increased participation in education.

Sports For All builds on the success of the International Inspiration (II) Programme. The II Programme was delivered in Malaysia by the British Council with input from a steering committee comprised of our country partners UNICEF, the National Olympic Council of Malaysia and the National Paralympic Committee. It initially ran for two years (2011-12), and achieved a great deal of success and recognition for its impact on physical education (PE) delivery in schools and its support of the transformation of the primary and secondary school PE curriculum. 

Two International Inspiration trainers from Malaysia have been selected as Master Trainers at national level to provide training to all state trainers. Since then, both Master Trainers have delivered workshops, trainings and programmes around the world for the Youth Sport Trust International since 2010. 


  • To showcase the Sports For All training model to policymakers with the aim of replicating and scaling up the project with new audiences.
  • To promote youth volunteerism and enhance youth leadership skills through the Sports For All Youth Sport Leadership (YSL) Project.
  • To enable outstanding YSL Projects to become more sustainable social enterprise models.
  • To create a pool of local trainers and practitioners who are able to deliver Sportability Training at a national level.

Activities since 2012

Sports For All was piloted through Sportability Training and reached out to lecturers from teacher training colleges, as well as in-service special education teachers. The pilot project also served to train several local NGOs, encouraging them to involve special needs children in sport activities on a regular basis.

Sports For All provides training and project funding to community organisations dealing directly with special needs children. This includes:

Sportability Training

  • 1-day Sportability Training workshops: the workshops aim to provide community teachers with tips and resources for delivering PE to young people in their communities.
  • 3-day Sportability Training Programmes: in-depth Train the Trainers (ToT) programmes conducted by Youth Sport Trust UK trainers.

Sports For All Youth Sport Leadership (YSL) Project

  • To encourage youth volunteerism through engagement with children with special needs in sports activities.

TOP Sportsability Training of Master Trainers

  • 14 lecturers from the Malaysian Teacher Education Institute (IPGM) have been validated as TOP Sportsability Master Trainers since May 2017.