Winners of Entrepreneurs for Good wave 1

“Entrepreneurs for Good” is a competition held by The British Council in partnership with the Arthur Guinness Fund (Now Arthur Guinness Projects) that invites community based social entrepreneurs in Malaysia, both start-ups and semi established to compete for capacity building and networking opportunities.

Through the project, we aim to develop sustainable support systems for social entrepreneurs working to deliver social solutions that will bring tangible benefits to the communities through various capacity building and networking activities. The winning social enterprises will receive seed funding and mentorship support with a combined value of up to RM40, 000 to help them develop or grow their initiatives.

Eats, Shoots, & Roots

Focus: Sustainable living  

Eats, Shoots & Roots is a social enterprise with a simple aim: To empower urban individuals and communities with skills and tools to grow their own food, and build a sense of resilience in the city by offering a range of workshops and courses, edible garden design consultancy, and yummy organic garden build packages to suit homes, organisations, institutions and businesses.

The Biji- Biji Initiative

Focus: Sustainable living, Upcycling

The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that champions sustainable living, upcycling and collaborative production. By using discarded materials, basic electronics and passive building techniques, Biji-Biji aims to inspire our surrounding with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living.

EYE Project

Focus: Youth

The Empowering Youth Endeavors (EYE) Project intends to develop the youth eco-system at the national level. In line with the national agenda to enhance Malaysia’s human capital, EYE believes that it starts with addressing the very environment in which local ‘human capital’ is educated and developed. This requires a more active and integrated learning environment at micro as well as macro level. The project intends to develop and collaborate with stakeholders on programs that serve towards the stated objective.

Penang Youth Club

Focus : Youth

The Penang Youth Club aims to address the problems of Penang youths who are involved in illegal activities, school dropouts, and those who do not have access to a common platform to express their thoughts and expose their talents. Penang Youth Club annually organises Youth Jam, an event consisting of various youth-led projects. All projects are categorized into three pillars: Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creative Arts. Throughout the process of getting Youth Jam staged, Penang Youth provides the project youth leaders with mentorship, guidance, training and funding to empower them in organizing their projects. Youth Jam is also a platform for the young people to expand their knowledge, skills and talents, for self-development and most importantly, to turn their dreams or passions into real actions.

Pink Enterprise

Focus: HIV & Aids

The Pink Enterprise was established as an independent company to identify sustainable sources of revenue to fund community based programmes of PT Foundation. The main idea is to take over the VCT services from PT Foundation and to expand both the demand and the revenue stream. In order to do this, Pink Enterprise will open up its VCT services to the public and to the corporate sector. While members of the marginalised communities will continue to be tested for free, they will be encouraged to donate so that others can continue to benefit from this service. For members of the public, a small fee that is comparable to the private health sector will be charged. A similar fee will be charged to companies for every staff member or customer that comes for VCT.

The Recovr Initiative

Focus: Environmental Sustainability, Recycling, Employment 

Recovr Initiative aims to help communities in sustainable waste management and empower underprivileged individuals through high quality employment in the recycling industry. The opportunity is two-pronged within a single objective: to derive economic value to what is considered of no value. The initiative will evolve around the Recovr Centre – a space that serves as a central point of collection of recyclables. Here, the enterprise assures non-discriminatory employment offering fair wages and a support system of integrated settings for vocational rehabilitation. Partner NGOs, government agencies and local authorities will assist in identifying and providing a suitable human resource database as well as success measurements and guidance.