Business and Investment Readiness Programme

The Business and Investment Readiness programme (BiR) aims to strengthen social enterprises around the world by providing them with the support they need to enhance and scale the impact of their work. In Malaysia, in partnership with Social Enterprise Academy Scotland and the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), we run capacity building workshops to provide semi-established social enterprises with the skills and knowledge towards investment readiness, and to develop industry professionals into social enterprise intermediaries.

Business Investment Readiness for Social Enterprise

This programme is aimed at people leading nascent or aspiring social or environmental enterprises. Effective leadership is central to the growth and sustainability of ‘investment ready’ social enterprises. This programme will allow them to invest time on identifying and developing their leadership strengths as they take forward their organisation.

On this programme, you will:

  • Explore the impact of leadership styles and behaviours on organisational culture, values and goals
  • Clarify their own values and develop a values-led leadership approach
  • Explore what motivates them and others and build motivation within teams and stakeholders towards their social mission
  • Ensure triple bottom line thinking is central to social enterprise decision making
  • Explore the innovative finance models available to social enterprises
  • Appreciate the importance of reporting on key metrics which measure social impact

Facilitation Skills for Supporting Social Enterprise Development

This programme is aimed at intermediaries supporting or developing social and/or environmental entrepreneurs. The programme will develop skills in non-directive support, including coaching, mentoring and facilitation. This will be in the context of contemporary challenges and opportunities in the sector.

On this programme you will:

  •  Utilise facilitation and coaching techniques to support group and individual growth
  •  Incorporate learning principles when designing and delivering learning materials
  •  Understand the leadership skills required by social entrepreneurs
  •  Ensure triple bottom line thinking is central to social enterprise decision making
  •  Explain the innovative finance models available to social enterprises
  •  Outline a range of business development provision tools

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