Who can participate?

All students between Form 1 – Form 3 of lower secondary schools (under the purview of the Ministry of Education Malaysia) can take part in this competition.

Private schools and Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) are ineligible to participate in the competition. 

The Top 5 team finalists from last year’s School Lab 2017 are ineligible to participate in School Lab 2018. However, their schools are still able to participate in School Lab 2017 by sending different teams. 

How can students participate?

You will have to form a team of 2 – 4 members with your classmates or schoolmates from other classes (Form 1 – 3), name your team and select a STEM topic.

To help your team prepare the video, please view the video tutorial here

How many members can each team have?

Each team should consist of 2 – 4 students. Once the team is registered, you are not allowed to change your team members nor your appointed teacher.

How many teams can participate from each school?

There is no limit on the number of teams that can be represented by one school. 

However, each team is allowed to submit one video only. 

What is the role of the teacher?

The teacher is required to complete and submit the registration form for the team(s), and plays a supportive role. 

The teacher shall be the main contact person and is required to be present with the team(s) at all times throughout the competition. 

Is there a hashtag for this competition?

Yes, you could use hashtag #SchoolLabMY when you upload your video on Youtube. You could also use the hashtag when you talk about School Lab on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

STEM Topic Specifications

What topics can we choose?

You can choose any STEM topic (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), with the help of your teacher.

Can you give some examples?

What is a cell? Why is the sky blue? Why do earthquakes take place? Why does chocolate give us energy? What exactly are black holes?

What are the effects of haze? What are the dangers of a hurricane? How does logarithm allow you to do complex mathematics easily?  

Video Specifications

How should the video be recorded?

The video must be recorded in one continuous shot. Editing is not allowed.

The video concept must be of an original idea. Any form of plagiarism will result in the team to be disqualified from the competition. 

Can we show an experiment in our video?

You can record one or more experiments (which you yourselves must carry out) in your video. Please ensure that you follow safety procedures.

You can also include a theatrical sketch or a poem etc.

Can we use PowerPoint in our video?

PowerPoint or text of any kind is not allowed in the video. This means no pictographs, diagrams, notes or drawings.

Background music is also not allowed.

You should present your ideas in an original, entertaining and inventive way.

What language should the video be in? Ηοw long should it be?

The video should be in either Bahasa Melayu or English (and not both languages in a video) and it should last 3–5 minutes.

Shortlisting Process

How will the videos be shortlisted?

The videos must first fulfil the stated video specifications.

The presentations will be judged on their content, clarity, creativity and charisma. They should also be scientifically accurate, interesting and easily understood by the audience.

The shortlisting of the videos will be graded by a panel of judges.

16 teams (one from each state) will then be chosen (based on their submitted videos) to advance to the final round of competition on 3 November 2018 in Selangor where they will present their STEM topic ‘live’ in front of the judges and the audience. 


Final Round of Competition - What happens next?

School Lab 2018 Final (3 November 2018)

The 16 chosen teams must be able to attend the School Lab 2018 Final (3 November 2018) at MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre – MIECC, Selangor.

All teams must be accompanied by their respective teachers during the final ‘live’ presentation.

Can we change our STEM topic for the final ‘live’ presentation?

You may choose to present either the same STEM topic or a new STEM topic for the final ‘live’ presentation.

Your team’s ‘live’ presentation must be in either Bahasa Melayu or English (and not both languages). Each team member must play an active role and participate in the presentation. The presentation should be between 3 and 5 minutes. Props (including costumes) are allowed as long as they can be carried on stage by the team.

Flammable materials are not allowed on stage. 

What are the judging criteria during the final ‘live’ presentation?

The presentations will be judged on their content, clarity, creativity and charisma. The presentation should also be scientifically accurate, interesting and easily understood by the audience.

The panel of judges will also pose some questions to the Top 16 Teams at the end of their respective 'live' presentations.