Deep Learning skills are the key skills that students today need to be able to thrive in the global economy. These skills are consistently found through a number of researches involving many countries, prompted by the lack of engagement among students in learning process at school. Students feel that learning is increasingly boring.

While student engagement is a challenge, teachers are also facing the challenge of preparing student with the relevant skills that prepare them to be able to thrive once they leave school, be it to continue to higher education or entering the workforce.

“Education needs to be radically rethought partly to stop the boredom, but mostly to blow the lid off learning, whereby students and teachers as active partners become captivated by education.” (Michael Fullan & Maria Langworthy in Towards a New End: Pedagogies for Deep Learning.)

Deep Learning skills comprised of 8 skills as follows:





What the skill covers


Global Citizenship

Global knowledge, sensitivity to and respect for other cultures, active involvement in addressing issues of human and environmental sustainability


Work in teams, learn from and contribute to the learning of others, social networking skills, empathy in working with diverse others


Honesty, self-regulation and responsibility, hard work, perseverance, empathy for contributing to the safety and benefit of others, self-confidence, personal health and well-being, career and life skills


Communicate effectively orally, in writing and with a variety of digital tools; listening skills

Creativity & imagination

Economic and social entrepreneurialism, considering and pursuing novel ideas and leadership for action

Real world problem solving

Give students real experiences in creating and using new knowledge in the world beyond the classroom

Critical thinking knowledge construction

Think critically to design and manage projects, solve problems, make effective decisions using a variety of digital tools and resources

Use of ICT for learning

Technology allows us discover and master content knowledge and to enable the deep learning goals of creating and using new knowledge in the world

The practice of nurturing these skills through learning process at school is no longer exclusive to certain group of schools anymore. With the increasingly accessible technology, more schools are now consciously adopting new pedagogies for Deep Learning to help children to become long-life learners.