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Over a period of three years, the Hubs For Good programme provided creative hubs in Malaysia the opportunity to actively participate in three capacity building workshops and two UK-exchange programmes; receive five seed grants; attend a regional forum in Kuala Lumpur and three international online forums; and access the Creative Hubs Malaysia digital platform and various other resources.
An evaluation of the Hubs For Good programme in Malaysia was conducted between November 2020 and February 2021 with the primary aim of identifying the programme’s outcomes, strengths and weaknesses by assessing:
  1. Intrinsic, social and organisational values to which the programme contributed
  2. Impact which the programme has achieved, or has potential to create, particularly in content development, scaling up and institutional change
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This report is researched and authored by Dr Jasmina Kuka of WISE and commissioned by the British Council.
Data was collected through in-depth phone interviews with 24 respondents and consultation with relevant stakeholders, including policymakers, those who enabled exchange and cooperation, Malaysian and UK organisations that provided capacity building training and 16 creative hubs from various states in Malaysia.
WISE is a consultancy firm which works on impact assessment projects and social sustainability initiatives for various types of organisations. This includes the development of monitoring and evaluation strategies, social impact reports and conducting relevant training.