The British Council has worked with over 800 creative hubs globally since 2014. We see hubs as playing an integral role in the growth of the creative economy, gathering, supporting and representing creative communities. Hubs have also featured greatly in our programming — as partners, collaborators, producers and researchers. The British Council is strategically placed in South East Asia to be the connector between the hubs and cities in the region and the UK and wants to develop more creative connections and exchanges between the dynamic hubs sector in South East Asia and the UK.

Our Hubs for Good programme aims to provide support for the development of creative hubs to be key drivers and catalysts for good across Malaysia. We want to increase and enhance the capacity of hubs to function more efficiently, and increase the positive impact towards their community, contributing to the well-being of these cities.

Advancing the professional development of creative hub managers will allow them to better support hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and artists in Malaysia, contributing to inclusive growth and development in cities and communities.

We aim to connect hubs and hub managers together, to other regional hubs and to local stakeholders who, in Malaysia remain largely unaware of the positive impact hubs create on communities. We also want to create advocacy pathways for the development and support of creative hubs, which we hope will result in the adoption of new national policies.