Narratives of Soil

Eliza Collin & Wendy Teo

The Malaysia Cultural Insights report aims to provide information about the Malaysian cultural sector and wider creative industries. The report provides introductory information for UK and overseas artists and cultural organisations interested in collaborating, touring or simply exchanging with this diverse and fast-changing country.
Overall, the report provides:
  • Key context information to facilitate cultural collaboration and exchange between the UK and Malaysia;
  • Insights into key parts of the cultural sector – reflecting Malaysia’s distinctive mosaic, its regional and ethnic diversity, and its qualities across different art forms; and
  • Practical information regarding key institutions, emergent trends and talent and ways to access and engage with the sector. This includes some reflections on the impact of Covid-19.
The document is arranged into chapters, with detailed insights on the profiles, dynamics, structures and scenes for:
  • Design and the Wider Creative Industries
  • Literature
  • Film, TV, Audiovisual
  • Contemporary Music
  • Visual Arts and Crafts
  • Performing Arts
Each chapter provides an overview of the sectors, including key organisations, practitioners and trends. Where possible, the policy and investment contexts are also featured. Throughout each chapter, we hint at or specify where there may be opportunities for the UK or other international partners to collaborate, exchange and trade. Overall, the chapters offer insights which we hope will spark readers’ interest to reach out and connect with Malaysia across the arts and creative industries.


The Malaysia Cultural Insights report is researched and written by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy with additional research by Dr Ann Lee, and commissioned by the British Council in Malaysia.


Research, Writing and Editing: Dr Tom Fleming, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy
Additional Research and Writing: Dr Ann Lee, PhD Southeast Asia Studies (NUS)
Sector Contribution: William-Harald Wong (Design and the Wider Creative Industries), Amir Muhammad (Film, TV, Audiovisual) and Azmyl Yunor (Contemporary Music)
Design: Bryan Chang