Tamu Tanah & Air is a Sabah-style Tamu bridging the geography, history and the cultural heritage of Borneo and the Peninsula through arts and culture.

Borneo Heart in Kuala Lumpur 2023 by Yee I-Lann and Collaborators is an exhibition about finding ways forward.

Working with The Zhongshan Building, The Godown, A+ Works of Art, ILHAM Gallery and Rumah Lukis, Borneo Heart engages two concepts: the tikar (woven mat) as a collective platform for community, storytelling and ritual, and the tamu (weekly market) as a meeting place for the exchange of goods, stories and ideas.

In collaboration with Borneo Heart: Yee I-Lann & Collaborators and RogueArt, the British Council Malaysia is supporting the Tamu Tanah & Air - a Sabah-style Tamu at The Godown on:

  • Saturday, 25 February 2023:11am - 8pm
  • Sunday, 26 February 2023: 11am - 6pm

Ushering in Malaysia's 60th year, Tamu Tanah & Air will host various organisations, artists, and collectives — bridging the geography, history and the cultural heritage of Borneo and the Peninsula through art, workshops, talks, produce, storytelling, screenings and learning for all. Alongside contemporary and traditional artists, the Tamu brings together friends working with "tanah" (land) and "air" (water) – in community-based projects, in green agricultural and hydro technologies, promoting different modes of learning and play, local literatures, music and poetry, artisanal produce, and sustainable living.

Come join us on the mat and be part of the conversations at these British Council supported Tamu programmes:

'Making Noise' by Borneo Bengkel

Borneo Bengkel will be presenting a tapestry of creative workshops, discussions, and demonstrations featuring friends from all over the island of Borneo. Titled 'Making Noise', this segment aims to catalyse an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and stories between the East and the West, the mainland and the island, the 'tanah' and the 'air'. This showcase draws upon British Council Connections Through Culture grant supported projects; "Bor(neo): NORTH+EAST" - a Borneo Bengkel and North East England's musicians, poets and photographers collaboration (2021), and Borneo Boat Lute Revival - a BBLR, Catama Borneo and Pitt Rivers Museum collaboration (2023). Visit the Borneo Bengkel mat at the Tamu all-day and don't miss out on the collective's poetry, sharing and music presentation at 5.30pm - 7pm on Saturday, 25 February 2023.

Borneo Bengkel's showcase at Tamu Tanah & Air ©

Borneo Bengkel

Borneo Laboratory's showcase of 'Serumpun' at Tamu Tanah & Air ©

Borneo Laboratory

'Serumpun' by Borneo Laboratory

After a celebrated December 2022 showcase in Kuching, we are bringing the 'Serumpun' philosophy to KL with a curation of crafts talk, participatory workshop and the project's film preview by Jennifer Linggi of North Borneo Baskets and Wendy Teo of Borneo Laboratory from 3pm - 5.30pm on Sunday, 26 February 2023. This session will also be documented by a writer and journalist as part of the upcoming 'Serumpun' publication. Participants will be able to engage with the writer at Tamu post-session. 'Serumpun' associated craft publications will also be on sale at the Tamu! 'Serumpun' is part of Cultural Assets & Vernacular Materials programme, a year-long research collaboration between Borneo Laboratory, The Glasgow School of Arts and 11 Bornean crafts practitioners and communities.

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