The Newton Fund Impact Scheme (NFIS) is delivered by the British Council in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on behalf of all Newton Fund delivery partners

The Newton Fund Impact Scheme provides funding for current and previously funded Newton Fund grantees with the aim of maximising impact from Newton Fund activities.

Malaysia is one of the four eligible partner countries for the Newton Fund Impact Scheme 2019 call.

The grants will provide funding targeting the following key areas:

  • Initiating or increasing policy impacts or user engagement: This may involve translating existing research or research outcomes into policy impacts, increasing engagement with users, measures to overcome identified barriers to impact or extending engagement into new user communities.
  • Initiating or increasing engagement with impact multipliers (e.g. businesses, start-ups, NGOs or charities): This may involve moving research outcomes further along the translation pipeline or extending the outcomes into the commercial sector.

 Duration of grant: Minimum 12 months, Maximum 18 months

 Size of grant: Maximum £150,000

 Areas where we expect impact to be realised including but not limited to:

  • translation of the research outputs
  • knowledge exchange
  • technology transfer
  • innovation

 Additional eligibility criteria:

  • Capacity building component must be built into the project and no more than 30% of the total grant applied.
  •  At least 50% of the previous grant has been spent
  • The Scheme is open to all programmes including Dengue Tech Challenge, mobility grants and Researcher Links. For on-going projects, only projects that are completed by 30 June 2020 are eligible to apply for the Scheme.


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