About this course

This highly interactive workshop helps develop the skills and strategies needed to deliver excellent customer service via the medium of ‘live chat’. Through case study scenarios, role plays, communication games you will learn how to provide a professional, efficient service where customers feel valued.

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to improve their customer service to get the most out of the opportunity of customer interactions and build long lasting customer relationships. Those specifically interested in the medium of ‘live chat’ will also benefit from the comparisons this workshop draws with other customer service channels.


  • Be more aware of your personal brand 
  • Learn to ‘listen’ to customers and anticipate problems 
  • Practice delivering service with an emphasis on customer value

Learning Objectives

  • Present yourself professionally in a ‘live chat’ environment
  • Build rapport with customers within a short space of time
  • Accurately assess and respond to customer problems/ queries
  • Use strategies to navigate conflict and keep the customer happy

Course Outline


  • Reflecting on and defining good customer service

Professionalism & Customer Rapport

  • Creating a professional first impression
  • Saying it better
  • Styling your professional brand

Listening & Anticipating

  • Analysing a customer service model
  • Listening actively
  • Listening techniques
  • Using a range of question types
  • Apologising, empathising, paraphrasing

Navigating Conflict

  • Getting to the ‘heart’ of customer service
  • Reacting to feedback
  • Explaining

Pathway to Customer Service Success

  • Final task
  • Action plan