About this course

This workshop will help you to deliver challenging business objectives and change programmes by establishing the context and constraints for your customer management operation.

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at customer service leaders, business directors and strategists including senior managers from marketing, customer service and sales functions.


  • Drive business through a service-led operation
  • Address specific challenges faced by your organisation and consider possible solutions
  • Build relationships with inspired customers that trust your operation and find it easy to do business with you

Learning Objectives

  • Align your service operation to your organisation’s business strategy
  • Discover how customer experience drives business and how to measure it
  • Learn how to get buy-in to your customer experience strategy

Course Outline

Customer service operations and business strategy

  • Meeting common challenges
  • Knowing four things a business must get right
  • Knowing what is business critical

Customer experience and business performance

  • Defining and measuring customer experience
  • Getting buy-in

Managing customer contact

  • Using multichannel strategies
  • Getting it right first time
  • Analysing cost vs risk

Leading a service operation

  • Using the 4Vs of operations management
  • Formulating strategy and performance
  • Setting priorities and trade-offs
  • Forecasting demand and calculating staffing levels

Resourcing strategies

  • Levelling
  • Chasing
  • Smoothing

Measuring customer operations performance

  • Setting key performance indicators
  • Crafting a customer flight deck
  • Diagnosing performance issues

Profiting from customer insight

  • Defining insight
  • Maximising customer relationship management

Leading service excellence - strategy into action 

  • Designing service strategies to fulfil your organisation’s brand promise
  • Planning for action