About this course

This compelling workshop provides you with a deeper understanding of your personal EQ in relation to your leadership role. It will enable you to facilitate deeper learning conversations and lead with awareness and choice.

You will receive an SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment by Six Seconds® which delivers a powerful process framework that will equip you with tools in how to use EQ. Your accredited trainer will then use the results of your assessment to determine your current ‘success factors’ and how you can use them to develop your work and life outcomes.

Who should attend?

Managers, office managers, supervisors and team leaders.


  • Be able to apply the International 6 Seconds EQ model to be a more effective leader 
  • Feel more confident in developing others through powerful conversations 
  • Have strategies for handling challenging conversations

Learning Objectives 

  • Gain knowledge of your own EQ competencies in relation to your role as a leader through the SEI profiling tool 
  • Conduct learning conversations at a deeper level through empathetic listening and powerful use of questions 
  • Apply learning conversation techniques to different situations in the workplace

Course Outline


  • Understanding EQ 
  • Recognising the relationship between EQ and leadership 
  • Understanding the power of disclosure, feedback and reflections

Expanding your conversation tool-kit 

  • Analysing difficult conversations 
  • Understanding fears, blocks and overused strengths

The de-brief conversation 

  • Structuring a learning conversation 
  • Asking powerful questions 
  • Using techniques for empathetic listening

The Six Seconds® EQ model 

  • Knowing the three domains of EQ 
  • Maximising the eight Competencies of EQ 
  • Analysing your personal EQ profiles

Know yourself – what we do

  • Developing self-awareness
  • A case study example
  • Pair learning conversations

Choose yourself– how we do it 

  • Coping under stress 
  • Cause and effect 
  • Knowing what drives us

Give yourself – why we do it 

  • Connecting with others 
  • Recognising what truly matters 
  • Exploring your EQ journeys