Kerry first became interested in language and literacy development in bilingual settings whilst working as Assistant Head of English in an International school in Cario (2003-2006).  She joined Permata Bangsa School (PBS), Semarang, Indonesia, in 2006 as part of an expansion team in the development of the bilingual school’s secondary education programme.

With the successful development of the high school programme, she has continued to work in a variety of roles within the school including teacher trainer, Principal and language coach. Most recently, she has been working collaboratively with local and international universities to extend teacher practicum opportunities in a bilingual setting through the Permata Bangsa school programme.

Kerry is currently working as Programme Director of Permata Bangsa School with the additional role of Programme Leader for the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications made available through PBS. She believes that teaching is a transformative role that not only changes the learner in their classroom, but also the peers and communities with whom teachers come into contact with.