About this course

This exciting workshop focuses on developing your skills and knowledge around the interview process. The course provides a useful framework for managers and people who are going to recruit staff. The workshop is highly practical and contains tips and techniques for how to go about the process of recruiting using a competency based approach. This will help you to choose the best candidate for the job.

Who should attend?

Anyone who conducts interviews.


  • Interview people with confidence 
  • Manage the recruitment process effectively 
  • Know the right questions to ask

Learning Objectives 

  • Use the competency based approach to interviewing 
  • Follow the process of recruitment and fulfil your responsibilities 
  • Learn how to promote a favourable impression of yourself and your organisation

Course Outline


  • Preparing yourself for the role 
  • Defining the skills you need to be an interviewer

Preparing for the interview 

  • Establishing the interviewing panel 
  • Knowing your responsibilities before the interview 
  • Knowing your responsibilities during the interview process

The interview 

  • Using the STAR approach in competency-based interviews 
  • Building rapport with the interviewee 
  • Asking the right questions 
  • Being fair and transparent

Practising and decision-making 

  • Controlling your body language 
  • Communicating effectively using the 3 Vs 
  • Listening actively

After the interview 

  • Making the right decision