About this course

This practical workshop asks participants to reflect on their own values and behaviours and consider how these may impact their working relationships in multicultural environments. It also introduces a range of tools and techniques to enable participants to better understand how people from other cultural backgrounds prefer to work.

Your accredited trainer will take you through a range of strategies you can use immediately to enhance relationships, build rapport and communicate with confidence across cultures.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to anticipate and better understand intercultural situations.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the complex influences that make up cultural identity
  • Identify how your behaviour may help or hinder you in building rapport in multicultural and global contexts
  • Use a range of observation and active listening strategies to make effective connections with others in new multicultural situations

Course Benefits

  • Build relationships and overcome differences in multicultural and global situations
  • Respond more flexibly to new and complex cultural contexts
  • Feel comfortable and at ease in unfamiliar cultural settings

Course Outline

What is culture?

  • A description of culture

Culture and you

  • Who are you?
  • What are your preferences?
  • What’s on and under the surface: organisational culture
  • Personal, cultural, global

Building rapport across cultures

  • Insights or stereotypes?
  • Four behaviours and rapport
  • Observing and being responsive
  • My case study
  • Intercultural conversations and presentations

Communicating across cultures

Multicultural meetings

  • Cultural moments in meetings

Communicating with style

  • Four communication styles
  • Communication challenge
  • What’s your communication style?
  • Adapting your style
  • Responding to the context

Multilingual situations

  • Multilingual contexts
  • Techniques to avoid miscommunication

Bringing it all together

  • My communication case study
  • My learning journey progress