I-WORK aims

The project seeks to improve the employment prospects of young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds by:

  • piloting and implementing new approaches to employer-led skills development
  • promoting policy and delivery best practice, partnerships and learning between Commonwealth members

I-WORK impact for Malaysia

Through I-WORK, the British Council in partnership with leaders across the TVET sector and industry have:

  • accelerated strategic change in skills education, policy and employability
  • identified large-scale, ambitious projects, tools and interventions

Hear what leaders from Malaysian TVET institutions have to say about the value and impact of our I-WORK programme: https://youtu.be/YI53CPTWpCM

I-Work strands

I-WORK Apprenticeship strand

Following a British Council apprenticeship benchmarking exercise, the first of its kind in Malaysia, a high-impact research and policy-led apprenticeships project delivered two national apprenticeship development tools for Malaysia.

I-WORK Apprenticeship development tools:

I-WORK Partnership strand

The I-WORK partnership element establishes skills training centres to deliver inclusive training to respond to local skills needs.

UK colleges, leaders of TVET institutions and practitioners from four Commonwealth countries have worked together to develop employer-led education.  Seed grants were made available to run innovative pilot schemes that connect employers and educators.

I-Work context and development

I-WORK was formed through extensive consultation with the Malaysia’s manufacturing sector, led by a team of vocational specialists, including: 

  • national policymakers
  • TVET agencies
  • a national apprenticeships expert
  • a Technical Assistance expert 

The project launched at our I-WORK National Workshop and Forum in 2020, funded by the UK Government. The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports for Malaysia, YB Steven Sim Chee Keong and leaders from top vocational education institutions. 

I-WORK reports and global skills and employability activity

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