About this course

This helpful workshop gives you practical tips and techniques to deal with these situations in a calm, assertive way. Through discussions, case studies and role plays, you will learn why people react in anger, how to manage your own reactions, and how to handle those of your customers.


Who should attend?

Customer service professionals, executives and managers who want to build confidence in dealing with extremely challenging customers.

Course Benefits

  • Better understand your customers’ anger and your own reactions
  • Know how to diffuse angry confrontations
  • Feel more confident in dealing with extremely challenging customers

Learning Objectives

  • Analyse difficult situations to handle them more appropriately
  • Learn ways to calm down and think straight
  • Use a range of strategies to be more assertive with extremely challenging customer

Course Outline

Understanding yourself and others 

  • Exploring the different stages of anger
  • Being on the anger escalator
  • Building empathy using case studies

Managing yourself and others 

  • Dealing with stress
  • Discovering the root causes of anger
  • Calming angry and agitated customers


  • Refusing requests and offering alternatives
  • Explaining policy using assertive techniques
  • Varying your tone

Handling challenging customer complaints

  • Knowing what not to say
  • Structuring a reply
  • Using roleplays

Dealing with hostile and abusive customers

  • Identifying hostile and abusive customers
  • Using questions to re-focus
  • Handling personal criticism