About this course

With the increasing focus on email as the main form of written communication in business, getting your message across effectively and accurately is becoming more important. This practical two-day workshop will help you increase your awareness of your own use of important grammar structures and it will also help you to identify grammar problems that come from your everyday use of Malaysian English and how this differs from Standard English.

Who should attend?

This course is for administrators, executives and all staff who need to improve their knowledge and use of English grammar.

Course Objectives

  • Revise parts of speech as a framework for discussing language.
  • Develop your understanding of nouns, verbs, You can expect to: prepositions and sentence structure.
  • Learn to vet yours and others’ writing to make it more accurate.

Course Benefits

  • Have a clear understanding of the basics of English grammar.
  • Feel more confident that your writing is accurate.
  • Be able to write clearly and avoid misunderstanding.

Course Outline

Basic principles and terminology

  • Understanding and recognizing different parts of speech
  • Identifying mistakes in parts of speech 

Verb tenses

  • Present and past tenses
  • Auxiliary verbs in questions
  • Prepositions with the correct verb or adjective

Malaysian English

  • Raising awareness of exclusively Malaysian Phrases
  • Manglish verbs
  • Standardising your writing for an international audience


  • Correct use of articles
  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • Use of correct pronouns

Use grammar resources

  • Grammar reference books
  • Online resources