About this course

This workshop focuses on the key principles of English with the specific needs of learners being the central theme to this introductory workshop. Your experienced trainer will take you through a series of interactive, hands-on activities to help you avoid grammatical errors. You will learn to edit your writing, making it more accurate and increasing your confidence in everyday use of grammar.

During this course you will look at grammar from a functional perspective and practise your grammar through writing, speaking, communicative activities and using online resources. 

Who should attend?

Those who need to gain confidence in the basics of English grammar.

Course Objectives

  • Revise parts of speech as a framework for discussing language
  • Examine present and past tense form and uses
  • Revisit question forms, their structure and uses
  • Develop your understanding of past tense verbs, nouns, prepositions and articles

Course Benefits

  • Avoid common grammatical mistakes
  • Feel more confident in your knowledge of the basics of English grammar
  • Be able to edit your and others’ writing to make it more accurate

Course Outline

Introduction and parts of speech

  • Grammar quiz and parts of speech

Present and Past Tenses

  • Improving accuracy of using different present and past tenses
  • Putting tenses together


  • How correct are my questions?
  • Using questions to network and interview in a business context

Nouns, Quantifiers and Articles

  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • What is a quantifier? 
  • Using articles correctly

Prepositions and Collocations

  • Accurate use of prepositions
  • Malaysian or Standard English?

Register now

Contact Mr. Adam Jameson: Adam.Jameson@britishcouncil.org.my or 04 255 9000 ext 7702.