Congratulations to our Future News winners  - Crystal Neoh Xin Er and Carissa Tan Pei Yi.

The British Council with the support of 'The Star' Malaysia's award-winning R.AGE youth platform and its long-running BRATs young journalist platform selected Crystal and Carissa to take part in the Aye Write! Future News International Young Journalists’ Conference on 14-16 April, 2014.

The winners receive a fully funded place at the Future News Conference in Glasgow and the opportunity to learn key skills to participate in reporting news stories at Games Time through a Virtual Newsroom sponsored by the British Council.

They will enjoy masterclasses from some of the world’s leading journalists on a range of subjects including press freedom and ethical reporting, to technical skills, from investigating features and research to using digital technology and social media to report on their stories.

Wishing them both a fabulous time at the conference in Glasgow, Scotland!

The winners

  • Carissa Tan Pei Yi
  • Crystal Neoh Xin Er

 Click the attachments below for the winners' essays.