Special arrangements

If you have a disability or impairment that makes it difficult for you to access exam centres or use standard exam materials, we can help. Most exam centres are suitable for people who use wheelchairs, and the British Council works hard to ensure the safety of every student.


If you have hearing or visual impairments, you may be eligible for modified exam materials, including:

  • Braille papers (Grade 1/un-contracted or Grade 2/contracted)
  • Large print - either A4 size (18pt bold font) or A3 size (15.5pt font)
  • Listening materials - special needs CD or lip-reading test
  • Speaking materials - Braille or large print written prompt or large print visual prompt

The special arrangements available depend on the examination board. In some cases you may be exempt from a part of an examination because of a disability or difficulty. 


If you have dyslexia or a physical difficulty you may be able to request special administrative arrangements, including:

  • extra time: 25-100 percent extra time depending on your need
  • supervised breaks during the examination
  • use of a computer
  • a reader
  • separate invigilation


You should speak to a British Council representative if you need to make special arrangements. In most cases, you will need to:

  • request special arrangements when you register for your exams
  • give exam boards at least three month's notice to prepare modified materials and make special arrangements
  • provide a recent medical report or certificate to the exam board