01 September 2018

SEAΔ is a program co-created by Mekong Cultural Hub and British Council which creates space for cultural practitioners to reflect on how their work in arts and culture can contribute to sustainable development within South East Asia through their individual and collective leadership.

Each year we will select 10 Fellows from 10 countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

The program has 4 main gatherings spread over a one-year period where Fellows get together. Each gathering takes place in a different country and has a unique purpose:  exchange, create, share then reflect.

What kind of person is a SEAΔ Fellow? 

SEAΔ is designed for all kinds of cultural practitioners (from artists to administrators, managers and policymakers) who are interested in: 

  • Connecting their artistic and cultural work to the challenges the SDG's (sustainable development goals) present 
  • Creating partnerships and collaborations with peers around and with the region 
  • Enlarging the space for the arts and culture in South East Asia 
  • Building civil society through arts and culture 
  • Creating new opportunities for others to grow and develop 

Who is eligible for SEAΔ? 

To be eligible to apply to SEAΔ you must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries, and resident in that same country for the majority of the year, and fit the profile below: 

  • Committed to a career in arts and culture (with at least 5-10 years existing experience in the sector) 
  • Are already engaging with social and development issues through your work in the arts and culture
  • Are active and engaged in the arts sector in your home country 
  • Have led other people to realise projects or programs in your home country (this can be informal) 
  • Have some experience of working with regional peers/partners (whether at home or abroad) 
  • Be able to communicate comfortably in English (speaking and listening essential, and basic reading and writing for email communication needed) which will be the shared language of the program

Commitment expected from SEAΔ Fellows The program is fully funded, i.e. economy class travel, accommodation, meals and the cost of all activities included are covered by the program. However, participants must be able to commit to the whole program. 

Provisional dates and approximate time commitment are:

  • SEAΔ Exchange: 5 facilitated days, in Taipei, during the week starting 26th November 2018
  • SEAΔ Create: how many days and location collectively determined by the Fellows of each group, one of the participating countries, between Dec. 2018- and May 2019. 
  • SEAΔ Share: 4 facilitated days, in Bangkok, around July 1st 2019 
  • SEAΔ Reflect: 3 facilitated days, in Yangon, during the week of September 16th 2019

How to apply for SEAΔ

If you feel you fit the criteria and want to apply, please prepare: 

  • Completely filled application form 
  • CV with time/period description of professional experiences of arts and culture 

SEAΔ information pack, Application Form and Personal Info Consent Form can be found at:

Important notes: 

  • Forms need to be completed in English but spelling and grammar will not be assessed – as long as we can understand what you want to say that will be fine! 
  • Typed forms are preferred, but if you do not have access to a computer and prefer to complete with handwriting that is fine too 
  • If there is any other challenge you have related to completing the application in the given format, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a solution for you

Please submit your documents by email to:

Jennifer LEE, Program Coordinator Mekong Cultural Hub:

Application Deadline: September 1st, 2018 

Notification of Acceptance: October 1st , 2018 


Tel:+ (886)(0)922-641571