The Bitesize programme has been developed to help you to solve your work issues, as well as providing you with skills, techniques, tips and strategies which will be beneficial at work now and in the future. 

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The Best of You


  1. Assertiveness
  2. Overcoming fear of public speaking 
  3. Managing your work-life balance 

Features and Benefits of the Bitesize Programme 

Features :

  • 90 minutes long. 
  • 4 sections in each module – 
  1. define (determine the issue that needs solving, skills that need refining or area that needs developing), 
  2. inform (models, theories, tips, techniques, strategies to use in the workplace), 
  3. connect (role plays, exercises, activities to extend learning and put the learning into practice), and 
  4. resolve (thinking about how to use the learning in the future and planning outcomes).
  • Mixed media.
  • A wide range of activities.


Benefits :

  • Relevant to your own work issues.
  • Up-skills employees in a wide range of areas from communication to creative thinking. 
  • Immediate impact on work as the modules are rooted in real work issues. 
  • Length of modules means that the units can be done during the work day with minimal impact.