Find out more about our additional soft skills courses.

Train the Trainer (2 days)

Provides trainers, managers, supervisors and HR professionals with highly effective training room techniques used by top professionals.

Integrated Marketing Skills (2 days)

Helps you develop greater awareness of your marketing mix. It is a great way for you and your colleagues to get together with the purpose of reaching a common understanding of your company’s vision and direction.

Customer Service (2 days)

Helps you deal with challenging colleagues and customers in an assertive, constructive manner, either on the telephone or face to face. Improves your ability to manage first impressions, convey clear messages, listen attentively and handle calls with confidence.

Effective Team Working (1 day)

Helps you understand the nature of team working by exploring techniques that enable individuals and teams to address the communication and process issues that are barriers to high performance.

English for International Tourism (2 days)

This highly interactive workshop develops the confidence and communication skills of people working in the tourism industry, enabling them to deal with tourists professionally and successfully.