About this course

This comprehensive workshop provides you with a deeper understanding of modern business writing. You will examine the finer points of modern business writing in a way that applies to a wide range of business writing types. Through analysis and hands-on activities, you will learn how to plan, write and edit more efficiently and effectively. You will write, refine your work and receive feedback from your trainer and other participants on your strengths and areas to improve.

Who should attend?

Anyone competent writers or those who have already taken our Business Writing Essentials workshop.

Course Objectives

  • Develop the skills to develop your writing
  • Analyse the process behind writing business texts
  • Project a professional image through your language choices

Course Benefits

  • Feel more confident in being able to write well in business writing situations
  • Build better relationships through more empathetic writing
  • Achieve better results through more targeted and effective writing

Course Outline

The Mechanics of writing

  • Purpose: why are you writing?
  • Reader: what do you know about your reader?
  • Action: what do you want your reader to do?
  • Using language to influence

Clear, coherent and concise

  • Crafting effective paragraphs
  • Compound and complex sentences
  • Improving readability


  • Effective layout
  • Structuring information logically


  • Common errors
  • Controlling punctuation
  • Effective proofreading skills


  • Checking your work