About this course

This hands-on workshop provides trainers, managers, supervisors and HR staff with invaluable facilitation techniques used by top training professionals.

Through a series of interactive activities, you will learn how to plan and deliver training sessions that meet the needs of your participants and engage them from opening to ending. On the final day, you will work in teams to prepare and deliver a training activity.

You will receive constructive feedback throughout the workshop as well as practical tips on how you can continue to improve.

Who should attend?

For trainers, intended trainers, HR professionals and managers.


  • Communicate more effectively with your course participants
  • Be able to select the best methods and activities for your group
  • Know how to engage learners and keep them focused

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to optimise the success of your training through effective planning
  • Discover the key communication skills of: giving instructions, questions and giving feedback
  • Develop your ability to maintain interest and energy in your sessions

Course Outline

Optimise you openings

  • Structuring the start of a training session
  • What makes a good trainer?
  • Your current skills level – selfassessment

Who What and Why?

  • Who wants what?
  • Learning objectives
  • Writing SMART objectives

Selecting the best methods

  • Three possible structures for your session
  • Learner- versus trainer-centred training
  • Making it multi-sensory
  • How to conduct different types of activity

Communicating clearly and confidently

  • Giving clear instructions
  • Asking the right questions at the right time
  • Using questions to elicit answers
  • Feedback skills in the training room
  • Giving negative feedback in a constructive way

Keeping energy levels high

  • Grouping and regrouping your learners
  • Reviewing learning – interactive strategies
  • Analysing review games
  • Maintaining energy – warmers and energisers