About this course

This higher-level workshop introduces advanced grammar concepts which will enhance your written communication in the workplace. Encompassing a range of technically tricky grammatical areas, concepts from this course can be readily applied to numerous business situations. Your knowledgeable trainer will guide you through a range of practical activities to fine-tune your existing grammar skills. It is important that the fundamental aspects of your grammar are accurate before you attend this workshop. Attending the “Refining your Grammar” workshop before this course will ensure that these are sound.

Who should attend?

Those who already have a good grasp of the fundamentals and would like to increase their knowledge of the advanced points of grammar.

Course Benefits

  • Have a clear understanding of more challenging grammar areas
  • Present a more polished professional image in writing
  • Positively influence your audience through your choice of language 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn more advanced points of English grammar
  • Engage in written and spoken practical tasks to apply your new knowledge
  • Receive valuable trainer feedback on how you can improve

Course Outline

Setting the Standard – Basic Principles and Terminology

  • Grammar Quiz
  • Understanding parts of speech

Will or Would?

  • Modal verbs and their meaning

Building Blocks simple and complex sentence structure

  • Linking words
  • Conjunctions
  • Sentence connectors

The Big “If”

  • Conditional 1
  • Conditional 2
  • Conditional 3
  • Mixed and “Natural” Conditionals

More information, please – relative clauses

  • Non-defining clauses
  • Defining clauses