About this course

Consumed with a feeling of dread and fear when speaking up in meetings?  Anxious you’ll say the wrong thing or be at a loss for words?  Tired of being held back?

This insightful workshop will develop your confidence and skills through speaking and listening practise so you can speak up and shine.  You’ll take part in roleplays under expert trainer guidance to better contribute ideas, impress, and make your point heard.

Our sessions are interactive, fun and centred on communicative practice tasks. You will take part in discussions and meetings with other course participants gaining tips on how to improve. You will also learn techniques to create impact with your verbal presence.

Who should attend?

Anyone who feels held back with their speaking and listening confidence and wants to be able to participate confidently and effectively in discussions and meetings.

Course Benefits

  • Feel more confident in your ability to participate effectively and professionally in meetings and discussions
  • Develop language skills to express yourself clearly
  • Make an impact and express yourself clearly

Course Objectives

  • Contribute effectively in meetings 
  • Identify the dos and don'ts of virtual meetings and how to overcome common issues
  • Identify and practice verbal communication techniques to make an impact 

Course Outline

Owning the floor

  • Tips to ensure your meetings are useful
  • Roleplaying challenging roles
  • Techniques for dealing with interruptions
  • Leading productive discussions as an active participant
  • Navigating virtual communication pitfalls

Impressing your audience

  • Winning language for

- Giving clear and concise opinions
- Making relevant suggestions 
- Agreeing or disagreeing politely

  • Knowing when and how to be more assertive
  • Being a good listener: active listening, paraphrasing, echoing and questions

Engaging with verbal presence

  • The pillars of communicating with impact
  • Harnessing the ‘3 Es of vocal presence’  
  • Techniques to build rapport and get your ideas actioned