About this course

This enlightening workshop helps you improve your pronunciation, tone, pace and pausing by highlighting particular problem areas for Malaysian speakers of English.

You will play a variety of pronunciation games, use the British Council’s interactive phonemic chart and make digital recordings of your voice. Feedback on your strengths and weaknesses will ensure you immediately improve your pronunciation.

This course comes with a free British Council pronunciation CD.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve the clarity of their pronunciation in English.


  • Know the correct pronunciation of commonly mispronounced words
  • Improve the clarity of your speech
  • Increase the impact of your voice

Learning Objectives

  • Pronounce the sounds of the English language correctly
  • Know how to stress commonly used words
  • Be more aware of your own pace, pausing and intonation

Course Outline

Sounds and Spelling

  • The phonemic alphabet
  • Phonemic spelling

Vowel Sounds

  • Long vowels
  • Short vowels
  • Double vowels or diphthongs


  • Syllables and word stress
  • Weak sounds: un-stressed syllables
  • Sentence stress

Pace, Pausing and Intonation

  • Sounding polite
  • Intonation and meaning


  • Voiced and unvoiced consonants
  • Problem consonants
  • Consonant clusters


  • Controlling your voice
  • Projecting your voice
  • Developing clearer speech


  • Consonant-vowel linking
  • Vowel-vowel linking
  • Achieving fluency