About this course

This enriching workshop introduces techniques to positively influence others in a range of situations such as selling new ideas, winning resources and negotiating outcomes at work.

Through interactive scenarios, self-reflection and a range of practice activities, you will explore ways to influence and communicate with others, even in challenging situations.

Who should attend?

Experienced managers, new managers and supervisors. Those for whom a high level of communication is necessary

Course Benefits

  • Influence colleagues around you to get the results you want
  • Better use the key communication skills involved in influencing others
  • Be able to build persuasive arguments

Course Objectives

  • Explore the principles which underpin persuasion
  • Practise the communication skills needed to influence others
  • Understand the steps involved in influencing others

Course Outline


  • What makes a good influencer
  • Why should we influence
  • Who should we influence


  • Defining positive influencing skills
  • Understanding and using the 4 influencing styles

Influencing techniques

  • Understanding vs. listening
  • Persuasion vs. manipulation
  • Building working relationships
  • Pulling vs pushing

Relationship skills

  • Building trust and rapport
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Dealing with different characteristics

Influencing outcomes

  • Listening and probing techniques
  • Using persuasive language Involving people