About this course

This compelling workshop will challenge your assumptions, encourage you to inspect your feelings, help you adapt to others, and take personal responsibility for managing diversity in the workplace.

The fundamental challenge for people working effectively in diverse teams and work places is difference. Much has been discussed about the challenge of working with people from different generations. One point of agreement is that training helps us recognise and move away from negative judgements and conflicts towards respect and cooperation.

Who should attend?

Teams who are committed to developing an innovative mindset to achieve business objectives.


  • Communicate better with your colleagues from different generations
  • Work more effectively together
  • Enjoy better quality of relationships at work

Learning Objectives

  • Describe your assumptions and feelings towards people born in different generations from your own
  • Apply your learning from the course so that you act on the principle of valuing the person
  • Adapt your communication and behaviour to the individuals you work with

Course Outline


  • Identifying similarity
  • Identifying differences
  • Maximising diversity and today's workplace

Understanding perspective

  • Identifying the fundamental problem
  • Seeing a way forward
  • Mapping a path forward

Shifting emotions and attitudes

  • Recognising characteristics of the generations
  • Understanding other generations' views

Shifting action

  • Acknowledging feelings and doing something different
  • Connecting with the individual
  • Building relationships
  • Communicating together