About this course

What happened at the meeting? Are you sure? How do you know? We can spend hours per week and even per day in a variety of different meeting types. Communication is important both in meetings and afterwards, and minutes are how we bring both together.

This course will help you to become a more effective and confident note-taker and minute-writer. Your trainer will guide you through a variety of fun and informative learning activities which will enable you to understand, practise and apply all the relevant concepts and techniques. You will take notes, write minutes and receive feedback from your trainer and other course participants on how to improve.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is a proficient English speaker and would like to be more confident and effective at note- taking and minute-writing.

Course Benefits

After this course:

  • participants will take notes more effectively and produce accurate, brief, clear and diplomatic minutes
  • internal and external stakeholders will find minutes clearer, reducing reviewing time and increasing ease of future reference
  • the organisation will be confident in the accuracy of these legal documents


Learning Objectives

After this course, you should be better able to:

  • follow the three-step minutes of meetingsprocess
  • write different types of minutes for differentmeetings
  • clearly report the key points of discussion and actions using correct grammar andtone


Course Outline

Minute writing fundamentals

  • The feature of effective minutes
  • The skills of a minute-taker
  • The minute-taking process

Preparing for minute-taking

  • Types of minutes
  • Different types of minutes for different situations
  • Preparing for success

Taking notes in meetings

  • Note-taking techniques
  • Matching the technique to the type of minutes
  • Note-taking practice

Minute skills for minute-writers

  • Asking good questions during a meeting
  • Paraphrasing to check understanding during a meeting
  • Checking content during a meeting

Writing minutes

  • Selecting accurate and objective information
  • Writing brief and clear paragraphs
  • Formal and informal language of minutes

Using reported speech in minutes

  • To use or not to use reported speech?
  • How to write reported speech
  • Common errors in reported speech

Minute-writing in challenging situations

  • Taking notes in difficult meetings
  • Writing sensitive information in minutes
  • Minute-writing practice forming the minutes

Minute-writing mini-clinic

  • Editing and reviewing minutes
  • Writing minutes from notes
  • Assess your minute-taking skills