About this course

This essential workshop provides you with an in-depth understanding of how to write to customers in a style that focuses on them building better relationships and improves your company’s image.

You will write case studies related to your workplace and receive feedback from your trainer and other participants on your strengths and areas to improve

Who should attend?

Anyone who has to refuse customer requests or handle written complaints.


  • Engage customers better even when responding to difficult correspondence
  • Know tools and techniques to give others advice on how to write
  • Improve your professional image and the image of your organisation

Learning Objectives

  • Consider your customers’ expectations and adapt your writing style to meet their needs
  • Structure and write responses which have a positive effect on the customer
  • Edit and check your customer-focused writing

Introduction and overview

  • Presenting a positive service image
  • Introducing the POWER writing process


  • Meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations
  • Analysing relationships with your readers
  • Making follow-up actions clear and credible

Organising and writing refusals

  • Structuring a response
  • Highlighting benefits of company policies
  • Using positive language
  • Explaining reasons for refusals
  • Writing good closings and headings

Writing responses to complaints

  • Dealing positively with complainants
  • Structuring replies to complaints using a sincere tone


  • The 6 elements of good editing
  • Clarity, conciseness, courtesy and correctness


  • Using the 6 elements of editing to review writing