About this course

Do you already have a good grasp of the fundamentals of business writing? Are you ready to simplify complex ideas without complicating them? Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

Advanced business writing develops skills in personalising your writing to your audience in more complex and challenging areas. Covering a range of document types, you will discover how to build lasting relationships, get others to do things and handle difficult messages.

Your trainer will guide you through a variety of fun and informative learning activities to help you apply the key concepts and techniques of the course to case studies relevant to your workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has taken our Business Writing Essentials course or experienced writers who are proficient in English

Course Objectives

After this course, you should be better able to:

  • adapt your personal writing style to connect better with internal and external stakeholders
  • influence others to engage with you and take action
  • write diplomatically in a range of challenging situations

Course Benefits

After this course:

  • participants will be able to build better relationships in writing, saving time and achieving their aims
  • clients and colleagues will be able to collaborate better and resolve challenging situations
  • the organisation will project a consistent, confident and audience-centric image enabling stronger internal and external engagement

Course Outline

Advanced business writing essentials

  • Review of writing fundamentals
  • Understanding sources of miscommunication
  • Evaluating your current communication challenges

Written communication styles

  • Using audience and stakeholder analysis to identify reader types
  • Discovering your personal writing style
  • Adapting your writing style to different reader types

Building lasting relationships in writing

  • Quickly building rapport in writing
  • Demonstrating EQ in writing
  • Maintaining the relationship: Avoiding damaging behaviour

Using narrative writing to engage your readers

  • Engaging the readers’ curiosity
  • Selecting a narrative structure
  • Using rhetorical devices

Asserting your point diplomatically in writing

  • Finding common ground
  • Using the 'yes..and' approach
  • Influencing others

Simplifying complex ideas in writing

  • Identifying the message your reader needs
  • Selecting the best approach for your audience
  • Summarising the core messages

Writing across different communication forms

  • Understanding reader expectations
  • Adapting your message
  • Presenting your message

Advanced business writing mini clinic

  • Editing and reviewing case studies
  • Evaluating your performance
  • Setting writing goals