My child is very shy / lacking in confidence, how can you help?
A lot of children are quite shy and lacking in confidence so this is a common question! We want to help children to feel confident expressing themselves in English and our courses are designed for children to interact and contribute to the lessons as much as possible. We create an environment where children feel relaxed and confident to speak up. When they are relaxed and open to new ideas children learn the most. Our highly trained teachers understand that each child is unique and that some children need more support and encouragement than others. No matter how shy the child is when they start classes, when they get to know their teacher and classmates they learn that there is nothing to be afraid of by speaking up and making themselves heard.

My child wants to improve his/her writing and vocabulary, how can you help?
For our youngest students, we use phonics to improve reading and writing and for older children, we focus on more challenging skills such as creative or academic essay writing. Kids need to learn the grammar and vocabulary required to write correctly, but they also need to know how writing is structured, and how to think creatively to get ideas to write about. All our lessons have a vocabulary focus and we train students in different strategies for learning and remembering new words.

Do you have any preschool classes?
We have phonics courses available for preschool children.

I want my child to be able to read before he enters primary school, is that possible?
This is possible, a phonics class will really help them master reading and writing.

Do you provide a public speaking course?
Our students often give presentations as a genuine way to practice and gain confidence with new language and demonstrate they can communicate their ideas in a coherent way. So although we do not provide a specific course for public speaking all our courses develop the language, skills and techniques required to be a confident public speaker.

What is your course structure / syllabus like? What exactly do you teach?
Our English courses do not follow any school exams or syllabus and the lessons focus on developing reading, writing and speaking skills in English. We use topics that are interesting and motivating for the kids. Our classes are designed to guarantee fun, interactive and effective lessons that are tailored to fit your child as an individual. Not only will your child learn English, they will also develop creativity, critical thinking and self-confidence. This holistic approach to learning ensures your child's personal, social and emotional development.

How will this course help my child in their exams?
For secondary age children, there is a focus on general exam strategies and tips and throughout the age groups, we focus on developing students' writing. Being able to write effectively is often where Malaysian students need the most help in their exam preparations.

We also use authentic literature and themes to expose your child to language and ideas in more depth. This approach will have an impact on your child's ability to read more complex tests and confidently answer more inferential level questions and their compositions will be richer both in style and content. By raising the level of English we raise the exam results.

Do you offer short intensive courses?
We offer short intensive courses during holiday periods. Check our website or call the British Council for details.

Course times / schedules

May I know the timetable?
Most of our classes are on Saturdays and Sundays. We have different time slots for different levels as such please speak to our course consultants.

Do you have any phonics classes on the weekends?
Yes, at all three centres.

Do you have one-to-one classes?
Yes, we do. We offer fully customised one-to-one classes for all age groups. See our website for more information.

We live far away, can you accommodate our time slot?
It will depend on your child's level as such we are unable to comment until your child has had a consultation with us to determine their level.

What are the class schedule?
Most of our classes are on Saturdays and Sundays. We have different time slots for different levels as such please speak to our course consultants.

I would like to have the same time slot for my other children, is that possible?
It will depend on the availability of the classes as some slots are very popular hence fully booked. As an existing student, you will be given priority to change time.

Do you have the calendar for the intake?
January, April, July and September.


How can I help my child with their English study?
You can help strengthen knowledge gained in class by showing enthusiasm and interest in what they are learning. Regularly talking with them about the topics they are studying is an easy way to do this. You don't need to quiz them, just talking and adding an adult's perspective will help develop and strengthen ideas. Show some genuine enthusiasm for learning and your child will do the same!

How will this course benefit my child?
All our courses for all age groups focus on improving your child's reading, writing and speaking in English. As the kids get older we also focus on developing soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, group working and leadership. Our Secondary courses help children prepare for school and university exams while developing soft skills. No matter how old your child is, these benefits will be invaluable preparation for a global future.


I would like to enrol my child, what do I do?
Please book for a free consultation with us.

I've registered my child. I would like to enquire about the textbook that I need to buy. Can you provide me the title and publisher name?
We will provide you with the material your child needs to study. You do not need to buy a textbook for most of our courses. If you do need to buy any materials, we will have given you a list of the books to purchase when you registered.


How much are the course fees?

Centre Course Price
Kuala Lumpur (Wisma Golden Eagle Realty) Phonics RM980
Primary Plus RM980
Secondary Plus RM980
Secondary IGCSE Preparation RM980
Mutiara Damansara (The Curve) Phonics RM980
Primary Plus RM980
Secondary Plus RM980
Penang (Wisma Great Eastern) Primary Plus RM820
Secondary Plus RM820
Secondary IGCSE Preparation RM820
Online Weekday (60 min) RM699
Weekend (90 min) RM980


What is unique about studying with the British Council?
High calibre teachers: Our teachers are supported to develop continuously, keeping up-to-date with current educational research.

An international environment: Students meet teachers and staff from across the world, exposing them to different values and opinions, broadening their mind. Not only a useful tool at school, this will prepare them for the world of further study and work, where global communication is essential.

Close home-school links: You will receive a welcome email from the teacher in addition to parent meetings and progress reports. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the teacher through these channels.

Can you arrange transportation for my children?

What’s the difference between this with Cambridge English?
The British Council is the world leader in providing English language services to children. As we are a worldwide organisation we can recruit the best teachers and provide the best resources to ensure your child gains the knowledge and skills required to not only perform well on tests but also be a 21st century global citizen.

My children are currently taking the CAMBRIDGE English syllabus, how can they move to a totally new syllabus at the British Council?
We welcome a new intake of students into all our courses four times a year and our teachers are trained to help new students adjust to the new learning environment very quickly. Your child will have a consultation with our course advisors to ensure they are at an appropriate level. As our syllabus are designed with the age and cognitive development of children in mind (as well as their knowledge of English) we are confident all children can get the maximum benefit from studying at the British Council regardless of their previous study experiences.

Will British Council provide any internationally recognised certification at the end of each level?

My child is very shy in speaking English. He can understand the language but he refuse to speak. Lacking self confidence and self esteem. How can the English course in the British Council help him to build his confidence level to speak?
This is the same as the first question.

If my child is slower learner than other children in the class, what will the teacher do to make sure he's progressing?
All children (and adults!) learn different things at different speeds. We recognise that some children will pick things up faster than others, and we ensure our classrooms reflect this. We do not allow the faster ones to become bored, and we ensure those who need a little more support to be left behind. One way we cater for different abilities is to provide the students with a choice of tasks - more challenging tasks to stretch the faster students and more review to ensure the others can assimilate new knowledge. We find that every child has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the student that needs more help today may be the one who excels next week.