Learn English from experienced, friendly and internationally-qualified teachers.

Friendly, Firm, Supportive
Our team of over 50 teachers is trained to help students achieve their goals. We support students in their learning and push them to do their best.

Our teachers are professionals with world-class qualifications in teaching adults and children and receive ongoing British Council training every year.  

Experienced and Up-to-Date
The British Council has been helping students for 75 years and our teachers know the latest methods, techniques and technologies for teaching real-life English.

Meet our teachers

Olga Gambal

Olga has been teaching English for the past 11 years in Ukraine and Malaysia, and this is her first adventure living and working abroad. She loves Malaysia for its diversity, food and friendly people. Olga graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Foreign Literature, and also has certificates in teaching adults and young learners. 


Jan Lang (Senior Teacher)

Jan has been teaching since 2005 and in Malaysia at our KL branch for more than two years. With a BA (Hons) in Economics, a Trinity Cert TESOL and a DELTA, Jan adds humour to make teaching and learning a pleasure. When not in the classroom, Jan is a water baby and prefers being underwater in the ocean as she is also a trained PADI Dive Master. 



Julian Regan

Julian loves helping students with pronunciation, studying real-life news stories, using educational technology and encouraging students to be more autonomous. His favourite kind of lessons are the ones where all students are involved in lively debates or discussions. After studying English Language and Linguistics at university, he has spent eight years teaching in the UK, Spain and now Malaysia.


Holly Matthias

Meet Holly Matthias, a Young Learner Coordinator and teacher at the British Council Kuala Lumpur. Before moving to Malaysia, Holly taught in Spain, Italy, Finland and the UK, so this is her first time living and working outside Europe. Her favourite thing about Malaysia is of course, the food. She graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in English Literature and has always tried to get as much literature into her lessons as possible. She also has Trinity DipTESOL in teaching English.


Mudhar Mahmood

Mudhar has been living in Malaysia since 2011 and loves everything local especially the people. He is also multi-linguist as he speaks English and Arabic and is learning Japanese. Mudhar writes a teaching-related blog and plays electric guitar for two local bands (instrumental and rock!) as well as building and painting figures in his free time. 


Erfan Bidabadi

Erfan has been teaching English in the Middle East and now in Malaysia for more than ten years. He has a certificate (CELTA) and a diploma (DELTA) in teaching English. Being in Malaysia for Erfan is an absolute delight because of the amazing diverse culture and the delicious #food. An avid reader about educational psychology, he enjoys swimming and photography.


Tiffany Candlish

Tiffany has been teaching for 14 years in countries such as Canada, Korea, Thailand, China and now Malaysia. She has a certificate in teaching English to adults (CELTA) and another for young learners. Her main focus in the learning environment is project-based multimedia lessons, such as making podcasts or blogs. Being creative with material ensures that the learners are engaged and the lessons are enjoyable for all. She also enjoys experimenting with new teaching methods. 


Philip Brown (Senior Teacher)

Philip has been teaching English for over 18 years, and has worked in Poland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and Indonesia. He has a degree in Biochemistry, and a certificate (CELTA) and a diploma (DELTA) in teaching English. He has a variety of experience, including Business English, Technical English, Academic English, and IELTS. He would like to help students to improve their English by giving lots of feedback on the language they use and encouraging autonomous learning.