Video Transcript

Hi! I'm Amy. I'm a teacher at the British Council I have been teaching for three years. Today, we're going to talk to you about 'Success with arrangements and invitation.'

Amy: Okay! James is going to invite me to a dinner party. But I'm busy and I can't go. 

James: Hi Amy. I'm having a dinner party next week, would you like to come? 

Amy: No.

James: Sorry? What?

Amy: No. I don't wan't to. Go away James!

Now. That wasn't very good. I think I've hurt James' feelings. Let's try again!

James: Hi Amy! I'm having a dinner party next week, would you like to come? 

Amy: Oh, I'd love to! But I'm going out of town. 

James: Ok! How about the cinema next Friday?

Amy: Oh, I'm busy. I'm washing my hair. 

James: Okay. What about coffee next Sunday? 

Amy: Ok, why not!

James: Oh, brilliant! Ok, see you then!

Amy: Ok, bye!

Okay, so why was I better the second time around? It was because I politely rejected James' invitations by saying things like I'd love to… but… and No thanks, I'm busy. 

Finally, I accepted James' offer by saying OK why not!

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Thank you for watching this video, we hope you enjoyed it. 

In this myClass lesson, you will become more confident at making polite requests and offers, ensuring also that you give appropriate responses. You will learn phrases to make requests and how to say them clearly and correctly. You will also learn the art of accepting or rejecting requests and offers politely. 

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