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Hello, my name is Richard. I’ve been a teacher for more than 10 years. And I’ve been at the British Council for 2 years. Today’s topic is Holidays and planning a tour. I’m so excited. Next week, Ian and I are going to Singapore. A whole week away, it’s gonna be great.

Hi Ian

Hi Rich

Rich: So, next week Singapore. I was thinking I wanna go to the Safari. I wanna go to the zoo; I wanna go shopping.  Let’s definitely do that. Brilliant.

Ian: Right… 

Rich: That didn’t go very well, did it? Maybe I should talk to Ian about what he likes to do as well.

Rich: Hi Ian, I told you about going to the zoo and the things I’d like to do. What would you like to do in Singapore?

Ian: Well actually, I really would love to go to see the Buddhist temples. Is that possible? 

Rich: Yeah, we maybe do that. Is that near the zoo?

Ian: Yeah, yeah. That’s right, yeah.

Rich: Okay, we’ll do it on the same day we’ll go to the zoo then go to the temple. 

Ian: Also, could we try also going to the science museum?

Rich: Okay, let’s do that. But then the next day, I really want to go on the safari. 

Ian: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Rich: Thanks, Ian.

Rich: Okay, I think it was a bit better last time. I asked Ian what he wanted to do and we shared our plans and built the schedule together.

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