Video Transcript

I am Ian Kitching, I am a senior teacher in the British Council. I’ve been teaching for over 14 years now. And today I’d like to you give some tips on negotiation. First, let’s have a look at an example.

John: Mr Ian, I had a look at your proposal. And I’m afraid I can't accept your offer.

Ian: Oh.. ah.. It's not good?

It was terrible. Try again!

John: Mr Ian, I had a look at your proposal. And I’m afraid I would be unable to accept it as it is.

Ian: Ah, well I’m sure there is a space for negotiation here and we can discuss options maybe?  

John: Ok, let’s have a look at some more options. 

Let’s have a look why it was better the second time. In the second case, he used a hypothetical. Hypothetical using ‘would’ in this case, allows space for negotiation. It's very important what language you use in negotiation, in order to achieve your objectives.

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