Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Ian Kitching, I'm a teacher at the British Council. I've been teaching English for over 14 years, and today we will learn about 'making arrangements on the phone'.

Ian: Hi Ronan.

Ronan: Hi Ian.

Ian: You free tonight?

Ronan: Time? For what?

Ian: Going for dinner?

Ronan: Nah.

Oh, that didn't go so good.

Let's try again!

Ian: Hi Ronan.

Ronan: Hi Ian.

Ian: Are you free tonight?

Ronan: Why? What's up?

Ian: Thought we can catch up over dinner? Maybe Italian?

Ronan: Ah Ian, I'd love to, but unfortunately I've already made plans with Richard. Ah but how about next week?

Ian: Sure. Okay.

Ronan: Okay. See you then. Bye.

So, as you can see, the second time was much better. Why? Because Ronan this time is much more polite and he offered an alternative.

If you want to learn more about making arrangements on the telephone, come and join us in myClass.


We hope you enjoyed this video. 

In this myClass lesson you will practise arranging social events on the phone. You will learn phrases to open and close telephone conversations, make arrangements and accept and refuse invitations. 

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