Video Transcript

Hi! My Name is James. I'm a teacher at the British Council and I have been teaching for four years. Today, our topic is Meetings! 

Amy: Hi guys, welcome to our meeting on the new product. 

James: Stop! I want to talk about the cost of the product , please. 

Julian: James, could you let Amy speak first, please?

Amy: So, we are going to about the new product.

James: Wait, we need to talk about the communication channels.

Amy: James! I was going to say that. 

Amy: Could you stop interrupting me in such an impolite way? Christ!

James: I think Julian and Amy are angry at me. I don't think I was very polite in the meeting. Let's try again.

Amy: Welcome to our meeting on the new product. Today, we are going to talk about the new product and the cost. 

James: Could I just add something? Could I say that we need to talk about the communication channels?

Amy: Yeah, good idea James! Okay, so let's start by talking about the new product. It's a really really exciting product. 

James: Could I jump in and say I think it is a really good product and I think we'll sell a lot of them. 

So, as you saw it went much better the second time round. That's because I used polite phrases to interrupt. For example, 'could I just add something' or 'could I just jump in and say that..'

Okay, if you would like to learn more about these kinds of topics, then I will see you in myClass!


Thank you for watching this video, we hope you enjoyed it. 

With the skills learnt in this myClass lesson, you will become more confident at taking part in formal meetings. You will learn phrases to ask for and give opinions. You will practise speaking clearly, pausing when giving reasons.

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