Video Transcript

Hello, my name's Paul Millard. I've been teaching with the British Council for eleven years. Today's topic is 'Collaboration and Presentation'. 

Paul: Okay, my… my coffee shop, a.. We're going to sell coffee and err… biscuits and tea and smoothies and it's going to be called 'My Coffee'. The uniform is going to be red and it’s a nice shop on my road. It will be good.

Let's try again!

Paul: Well basically the coffee shop that I'm going to have is going to be called 'My Coffee' because that's a great name. Ohm we've got a very red theme. The uniforms are going to be red. The cups are going to be red. It's going to be very bright, very visual. And we've got a great location on the corner and I think it's going to attract a lot of people. And we've got really good range of products and we're going to be basing it on Italian coffee but also some hand baked biscuits we make it in the store."

So why was that better the second time around? I had eye contact with the people listening to me and used a good range of adjectives and had better intonation in my voice.

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