Video Transcript

Hi. My Name is Ronan Tolle. I've been a teacher for over 20 years. I've been working for the British Council for 14 years. 

Now, today's topic is 'Buying and Selling', the art of the offer. 

Ronan: Ah, Richard, I want to buy your phone.

Richard: Excuse me?

Ronan: I want to buy your phone. Come on, I want to buy your phone. How much do you want?

Richard: No

Ronan: What do you mean no? Come on.

Richard: Because it's not for sale. Did I advertise it? 

Ronan: No, okay. But I wanna buy it. It's a nice phone. I want to buy a phone. 

Richard: No.

Let's try again

Richard: Hi Ronan.

Ronan: Quick question. Have you considered selling your phone? 

Richard: Not really, no. Why do you ask?

Ronan: I know there's a newer model out. And I know that you like to get the latest. I'm actually looking for a phone like that because I kind of got used to that model. 

Okay. So if you were to consider selling it, I could make you an offer. 

Richard: Is it a new one, new updated features and ..?

Ronan: Updated, it's got new features. It's just Im used to that kind of phone. That's all. 

Richard: Okay. 

Ronan: Have a think about it and let me know your price. 

Richard: Okay. 

Ronan: Okay cool. 

Richard: Thanks Ronan. 

Ronan: Thank you. Bye

The second one was better because I started with a question. And I also pointed out some benefits to Richard of selling his phone to me. 

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Thank you for watching this video, we hope you enjoyed it. 

With this myClass lesson, you will be more confident making polite requests and offers and making appropriate responses. You will learn phrases to make requests and how to say them clearly and correctly. You will also learn the art of accepting or rejecting requests and offers politely. 

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