love english because contest

'I love English because I think it is a bridge to reach my dreams, so I can learn and find the best jobs, gain a lot of friendships, learn about people's culture and spread my culture to the whole world. It gets me where I have to be - at the top. With  English, everything becomes easy'. - Samia Saeed

'I love English because it's become the world's first language and the first language in the field of scientific communication. My career and my field of study need me to be proficient in the English language, so I have to learn English to participate in building knowledge in the world'. - Abdulaziz Mansoor Al Raimi

'I love English because I can confidently communicate with others and it makes it easy to communicate during work, travel, etc. English makes a person brave enough to talk in public, especially women. Women need English very much for them to advance in their work life'. - Thurkhadevy Vijayan

'I love English because it is the key to international networking. I once thought of practising alternative languages to substitute English since most Malaysians are trilingual. However, speaking English inarticulately makes me lose confidence in my working life, especially when I'm surrounded by native speakers. English brings us together. Love it, break the barrier and make it your advantage.' - Bernice Kee

'I love English because, it is the 'local' language of the universe! Not only that, it has also raised and boosted my confidence level whenever I meet new people. It is essential for me to make my first impression which can also be my last impression. Speaking in English also helps me to create a bond among all my family members.' - Thilaga A/P Narayanasamy