7 job interview tips img
  1. Maintain Eye Contact;  Eyes are the windows to ones soul so learn to ‘smile with your eyes’ (and careful not to avoid or look blank)
  2. Hold your head high;  Imagine you’re a puppet and your head is attached to a string
  3. Relax your shoulders and sit tall; Don’t hunch or slouch.  Keep your posture firm (not rigid or stiff) otherwise you’ll look tired and unimpressive
  4. Lean forward and ‘get into the communication’;  Be expressive with your body and show the interviewer how much you want the job
  5. Use emphatic, open, double-handed gestures with you palms showing;  We’re born to speak with our hands.  Using a “beggar’s pose” with palms up shows trust and builds rapport
  6. Don’t hide your chest by crossing arms; Audiences are more receptive to open than closed non-verbal communication 
  7. Smile and be pleasant;  It’s nearly impossible for an interviewer to dislike a positive person