About this course

This hands-on workshop deals with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing effective press releases. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to leave your press releases requiring minimal editorial input. You will be constantly relating the concepts in this course to your company’s press releases as well as your own writing. By following the concepts in this course you will be better able to write clear, purposeful and effective press releases.

Who should attend?

Staff who need to write clear, purposeful and effective press releases.


  • Increase the quality of your press releases whilst decreasing time spent writing 
  • Engage your audience better 
  • Edit your own writing to professional standards to make your press release stand out

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the different types of press releases 
  • Discover how to format your press release 
  • Learn how to present facts in a way that is meaningful to the reader

Course Outline

Introduction and overview

  • Reflecting on your writing
  • Using the POWER process when writing


  • Identifying types of press releases
  • Identifying the purpose of your press release
  • Meeting your audience’s needs


  • Formatting a press release
  • Maximising the power of headlines
  • Identifying the essentials
  • Establishing priorities
  • Telling the story


  • Separating fact from fiction
  • Using quotations


  • Learning 6 editing techniques for press releases