About this course

This important workshop explores the core skills and attitudes needed by managers to help their staff grow and achieve their full potential. It explores the structures needed to build an effective mentoring relationship, as well as the issues that can arise during the process. This workshop is highly interactive and practises some of the key discussions through roleplays, case studies and simulations. There are also plenty of tips on techniques for successful mentoring.

Who should attend?

Managers, office managers, supervisors and team leaders.


  • Understand your role as mentor 
  • Be able to better develop potential in others 
  • Use your communication skills to make the relationship more successful

Learning Objectives 

  • Use mentoring tools to build performance 
  • Recognise mentoring boundaries and pitfalls 
  • Develop discussions through the mentoring cycles

Course Outline

Preparing yourself for the role of mentor 

  • Understanding mentoring 
  • Examining impulses behind mentoring 
  • Analysing mentoring skills 
  • Knowing the stages of the mentoring process

First meeting 

  • Being aware of a mentee’s background 
  • Establishing rapport 
  • Knowing what to do in the first meeting 
  • Establishing a mentoring contract 
  • Holding the first meetings

Moving forward

  • Dealing with mentoring issues
  • Keeping the momentum
  • Mentoring techniques
  • Overcoming barriers to successful mentoring