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The British Council is the UK’s cultural relations organisation. We work to create opportunities for and to build trust between countries and people worldwide. This gives us a unique remit, which means we draw on a breadth of experience, influence and expertise when it comes to creating innovative, cost-effective solutions for embedding and sustaining change. We have an established track record in international development of delivering projects in education, skills, the public sector, civil society and justice. Being our Educational Agent, not only provide high quality pre-course counselling service for prospective students also we  value our agents as our marketing partners and provide a number of services to assist agents working with UK institutions. 


We aim to:

  • position the British Council in a supporting role for quality agents.
  • develop the role of your customer as marketing partners.
  • increase the number, effectiveness and quality of agents working on behalf of UK providers.

Guide to Good Practice

In order to encourage agent to adopt ethical and professional standards of conduct, we have designed a guide to good practice. The aim of the guide is to raise awareness of agents' obligation, as well as the codes of practice that apply to UK providers. The guidelines play an integral component of our certificated agent training package.

Be a part of the team

 Apply to be our student recruitment agent

Step 1 - Application
Step 2 - Evaluation
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application after one week.
  • Only completed forms will be processed.
Step 3 - Awarding contract
  • Successful applicants will need to undergo an agent training programme.
  • A one year contract will be awarded upon successful completion of our agent training programme.
Step 4 - Agent support
  • Upon appointment, the agent will receive an agent agreement.
  • Agents will receive continual support from the British Council agents team throughout the duration of their contract.